Teenie & I depart for Jackson, MS in approximately 14 hours. And how much have I packed in preparation for this trip, you ask? Not a single bloomin’ thing. I got my suitcase out of the closet, but I think that’s all that I’m up for tonight. I’m whipped, I think I’m just going to crash, get up early tomorrow, and do all of my packing then.

I probably won’t be posting anything while I’m gone, due to the fact that my parents live in the dark ages & are still on dial-up. (Shudder.) Actually, I shouldn’t complain about that — if they had DSL or cable, they’d undoubtedly call me to troubleshoot it every time it had the slightest glitch. Anyway, I’ll do the trip recap thang after I get back on the 28th.

Oh, I got my Christmas gift from my boss today. It was a gift card to my favorite salon/spa. (I’m pretty sure it was his wife’s idea — I should probably send her a thank-you card.) I’ll be booking that massage appointment as soon as I get back to Seattle. I imagine that I’ll need it after running around 3 different airports with a backpack on one shoulder and a 12-pound cat on the other.

So how hard do you suppose it’ll be to get through airport security with a bottle of kitty narcotics? They have Teenie’s name & the vet’s name on them. I really hope they don’t give me any crap about that.

Have a fabulous Christmas, everybody.