old crushes & trash tv

This past weekend, Kris ran into a guy that I once made out with in the front seat of my dad’s car. I had the biggest crush on that guy for ages — I think it was about 5 years ago (late ’98/early ’99). Kris once kissed him too, now that I think about it. I know some people probably think that’s weird, but I don’t. She & I have shared more than a few guys over the years. Must say something about our discerning tastes…. Anyway, she said he’s still cute. He bought a house that’s only about 8 blocks from her place. They exchanged numbers & she said she’s thinking about inviting him out for a beer sometime. I think she should, he was a really good kisser if memory serves.

Not much else is new. We moved to a new office as of Monday. It’s ok, just different. It added a couple of minutes onto my morning commute, which I’m less than thrilled about since I’m always 5 minutes late anyway, but I’ll adjust.

Did anyone else watch that Paris Hilton reality show on FOX tonight? Wow, that was hilarious. Just to recap all the things that she said “what’s that?” to because she didn’t know what it was:
* roadkill (a possum, specifically)
* a well (as in, where water comes from)
* Wal-Mart
* a soup kitchen

I know that my brain is rotting while I’m watching it, but damned if that isn’t one of the funniest & simultaneously most painfully awkward shows I have ever seen. And Lionel Richie’s daughter is blonde?! We’ve all seen the mullet-fro that her pop sported in the 80’s, does she honestly think she’s fooling anyone?