flicks flicks flicks…

This has been an unusual weekend for me because I’ve gone to see 2 movies. Ok, I realize it’s not that unusual, but it is for me. Anyway, here’s my critique…

Friday night, Scott & I went to see Once Upon A Time in Mexico. I dug it. Some of it was a little too gruesome for my taste (people having vital body parts forcibly removed is sooooooo not cool with me), but overall it was good. I love Antonio Banderas as the El Mariachi character – it’s pretty much the only role I’ve seen him in where every single move he makes is sexy. I like that they didn’t try to cover up the fact that he has a couple of gray hairs now, too. It made him a little more real. And for the guys, there’s also Salma Hayak (yeah, ok, she dies – but she’s still hot), and there’s one other token hot chick in the movie, although I have no idea who she is. She wasn’t a great actress either – I think they just needed one other female who had a good rack in a tight t-shirt.

The star of the movie, however, is definitely Johnny Depp, who is awesome as the straight man. It seems like for a few years there he was verging right on the edge of falling into the category of pretty boy actor, but he’s shown a bit of depth over the last few movies I’ve seen him in, and I swear, that guy can deliver the perfect one-liner. Best quote: “Are you a Mexi-can or a Mexi-can’t?”

One gripe: Enrique Iglesias?? Who the hell made THAT casting decision?!?!!

Then tonight, Krissy & I went to see Under the Tuscan Sun. I had heard this was a good date movie, but I think it was all single women in the audience. Which I guess is appropriate for a “I hate my life and I’m moving to Europe” kind of film. Anyway, Diane Lane is really good, and I liked it a lot. I doubt that it was anything even remotely like my sister’s Italy experience, but it reminded me of that anyway. So yeah…. Pretty much a total chick flick, but I recommend it. Good female-oriented escapism.

Ok, that’s it. I’m off to bed.