…and now, she’s 6

Catie turned six years old yesterday. Which… ok, I know a lot of people get all sappy about numbers and milestones and whatnot, and I typically don’t fall into that category. I normally have more of an attitude that, yes, of course, time marches on. That’s how it’s supposed to go.

But I admit, six has thrown me for a loop a little bit. I mean, six is the age of a FIRST GRADER. How is that possible?

And in my mind, she still looks more or less like this:


I still think of her as this little soft-bodied, pudgy toddler. But there are no kissable fat rolls on her thighs anymore. No pudgy little wrists. Her soft little curls have turned into a thick, straight bob (which, for both its color and shape, is the envy of many adult women I know).

Sometimes I look at her and I do a double take. Who is this tall, skinny kid in front of me?

Catie's first time on roller skates.

She is so smart, she blows me away. She picks up on everything. It’s starting to get to the point where I can’t even spell words that I don’t want her to hear because she knows so many of them.

This year, she asked for a birthday party at Monkey Joe’s (the bounce house place) again, just like she had last year. It was a much smaller party this year (which my wallet is very grateful for), and a lot of fun.

For one thing, last year, Lucy spent the entire party strapped into a Baby Bjorn. But this year, got to enjoy the bounce houses herself.

Lucy loved the bounce house

Although she has a pretty… unique?… way of going down the slides. Which she did about 10,000 times, and she laughed harder and harder every time.

Lucy has her own unique way of doing the slide at the bounce house.
The orange sticker on her back is her ID bracelet. She wouldn’t wear it on her wrist, so they stuck it to her back so she couldn’t pull it off. Kind of genius, really.

(Btw, major shout-out to my sister for crawling into the bounce houses with Lucy to keep her from getting trampled, while I was making small talk with the other parents.)

Catie with Monkey Joe

It was a really great party, and everyone had a fantastic time. Well, the kids did. The adults mostly felt like we’d been run over by a steam roller by the time it was over.

One random aside: a friend who obviously doesn’t know Catie very well gave her a Barbie doll as a present. Catie was very gracious and happy and thanked her friend, but I know for a fact that Catie has absolutely zero interest in Barbie dolls. (Believe me, I loved Barbies as a kid, so I have tried to get her interested in Barbie, to no avail.)

Last night, she asked my sister to open the Barbie’s box. I asked her if she was really sure she wanted to keep it, because we could take it to the store to exchange it for something else if she didn’t want it? She said, “No, my friend gave this to me, I want it.”

She took the Barbie doll’s shoes off, put on one of the other pairs of shoes, and looked at her for a minute.

Then she said, “Well, this is boring.”

Yep. That’s my girl.

Fortunately, Lucy LOVES the Barbie doll, and has already decided that Barbie should start working on potty training.

Lucy apparently wants to potty train her friends. (Poor Barbie.)

(Poor Barbie.)

Happy birthday to my sweet six year-old Catie-bug. You are the most wonderful, glorious little weirdo I have ever met, and I could not love you more for being exactly who you are.

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