catching up

So! My website was down for a few days because apparently spammers have nothing better to do than take over my measly little blog.

(Don’t ask me, I don’t get it either.)

Random stuff from this past week:

1. The yard sale last Saturday was good. We had a pretty impressive turn-out of people, made a few hundred bucks, and the rest went to Goodwill. All in all, a success.

During the yard sale, I set up a couple of beach towels on the front yard (picnic-style), and set Lucy down so she could stay happy watching all of the people come and go. (When she got bored & fussy, my dad walked her around.) A few people asked me how much I was asking for the baby. I told them to come back at 3 a.m. and I’d make them a really good deal.

Lucy models Mommy's headband.

Really. There are some days that I’d be totally willing to listen to anyone who’d make me an offer.


2. I had lunch with The Guy last week. We generally take turns paying for meals, because you know, I’m a liberated woman and all of that. He picked up the check for this one, and paid with his credit card.

When the waiter brought the check back to the table, he said, “Thanks for coming in today, Mr. and Mrs. [his last name].” He and I both choked on our beverages.

Moral of the story: CHECK FOR A RING, Y’ALL. It takes two seconds and spares everyone involved in a whoooole lotta awkward.


3. Is there anything else going on that I need to tell you? There’s a couple of things that are not bloggable (don’t ask), and other stuff which just sounds whiny and y’all don’t care, so let’s skip over that.

Really, who wants to listen to me moan about how much my kids wear me out?


4. Alright, they’re cute sometimes.

My girls are apparently riveted by The Fresh Beat Band.

They even make watching the Fresh Beat Band tolerable.

3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. You can’t say things like don’t ask, dude. I’ll just be sitting here tapping my fingers on my desk waiting for a text. 😀

    LOVE the favorite picture of the moment. LOVE.
    avasmommy´s last blog post ..Today, You Are FourMy Profile

  2. Hi —

    I can see a few ways you are getting bugged by hackers — for one your meta details are right there on your home page. That’s a huge no no. You can also add plugins such as bad behavior and spam comment protectors to make sure that your site back end stays safe. The reason you get hacked so often is because your site is a pretty easy target sadly. I hope these tips help! 🙂 Your blog is lovely and I’d hate for you to get hacked all over again. Best of luck and keep up the great work.
    Chimica´s last blog post ..What you are lacking is a website.My Profile

  3. i am so glad to see you back online; when you were “temporarily suspended” i got a bit worried!

    the last picture of the girls…Catie looks so grown-up…that little lucy looks like she is ready to start bustin’ a move!

    and i think you posted this another picture of YOU on twitter and O.M.G. little miss Catie is your spitting image!

    have a good weekend!

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