Halloween wrap-up

I could not seem to get a single photo of my two girls together, but here’s how Halloween went down.

Catie the T. Rex.
Catie the T. Rex

And Lucy the baby leopard.
Lucy the baby leopard
(If that outfit looks familiar, it’s because I’m a fan of recycling.)

Last night was cold and rainy, but we lucked out and the rain let up for about a half hour. It was just long enough for Catie to run around to almost every house on our street and get all the candy she could grab. I wore Lucy in the Baby Bjorn, and she smiled at every zombie, monster, and witch that we passed.

Lucy's first trip trick-or-treating
Pretty accurate representation. I love it when they’re too little to understand that anything is supposed to be scary or spooky.

The weather seemed to keep a lot of kids from coming out. We have so much leftover candy today that I think we’re probably all going to be diabetic before Thanksgiving. Oy.

But we had a fun night, although Catie was bouncing off the walls on a sugar high until almost 11:00 p.m., which was considerably less fun. And then Lucy decided to be wide awake, happy, and chit-chatting until almost 1 a.m. So mama has a little bit of a Halloween hangover today, even though I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in weeks. Hopefully the tiny leopard and T. Rex that live in my house will ease up on me tonight and let me recover.

6 thoughts on “Halloween wrap-up

  1. that T-Rex costume is so cute! LOVE IT!

    and of course that tiny leopard smile, who can resist!

    i only had 4 kids at my house last night…i am guessing it was because of the rain!

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