Want to help name Baby 2.0?

I cannot believe I’m doing this, because I am typically in the camp of You Do Not Discuss Baby Names Before the Kid Is Born. After all, who wants unsolicited feedback, right? I don’t want to hear “Oh, I knew a girl named [whatever] and she was a horrible bitch!” Who needs that kind of aggravation? Plus, I’m a little suspicious of jinxing anything – what if we decide on a name and then SURPRISE! It’s a boy?

(Which really, would not be a huge deal, because we had a boy name picked out ages ago. It would require some pretty fast redecorating on our part because the nursery is currently pink, but otherwise, not a huge deal.)

But the thing is, with the name for this little girl? Dave and I are at an impasse here, so I’m rounding up outside help. So I figure we can let the Internet help us decide.

Here’s the story about the two names we’re trying to decide between:

1.) Lucy. My grandmother’s name was Lucile, so there’s a family connection there, and I think the name Lucy is adorable. Dave likes it too, but he has a negative association with it, because his ex-wife has a baby that she also named Lucy. (Which, um, have I ever mentioned that Dave is divorced? Quick sum-up: they were married for 6 months, divorced in 2002, no kids together, she lives in Seattle, and they don’t stay in touch at all, but they occasionally hear about each other via in-laws… or ex-in-laws, as the case may be.)

Anyway, Dave likes the name except for that association with his ex. I say that my dead grandmother trumps his ex-wife.

2.) Leah. This is Dave’s suggestion for a compromise name. It was my great aunt’s name, so it still has a family connection. To be fair, I think that Leah is a beautiful name. It’s very simple and classic, nothing too crazy. (I hate trendy names or things with weird spellings.) So I don’t have any objection to Leah at all.

Dave even suggested Leah Lucille as her full name, so my grandmother’s name is still in there, but as a middle name instead of a first name.

But here’s the problem: ever since I found out we were having a girl, back in November? I’ve just had this gut feeling that this little girl’s name is Lucy. And we’ve considered a few other perfectly lovely, nice names. But none of them feel like her to me, if that makes any sense at all.

So what say you, Internet? Help us figure this out so we don’t have a huge fight in the hospital when it’s time to fill out her birth certificate!

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P.S. Feel free to add a comment about why you picked whichever name. Especially if you’re agreeing with me, I’ll take all the backup I can get.

P.S.S. I put that third option there just for kicks, but, um, don’t place any money on me actually listening to what y’all might pick out. Heh.

33 thoughts on “Want to help name Baby 2.0?

  1. Love the name Lucy. Hands down. It may be hard to say “Leah Lucille” quickly when yelling at her to stop jumping on the couch or writing on the walls. 🙂

    Enjoy whatever name you choose!

    Also, what’s your boy’s name? My husband and I can’t decide on a name…

    • @Mindy, Our boy name was Eric Samuel – Eric was Dave’s grandfather, and Samuel is my dad. But since this is the last baby (seriously, I’m SO NOT DOING THIS AGAIN), we won’t be using it.

  2. Lucy! Hands down. Any weird connotations your husband has with Lucy will disappear when it’s his daughter and she’s a unique person that he loves. If you never run into the decade ago ex, it’s really not an issue. And Catie and Lucy sound wonderful (and British) together.

  3. Also, you should never ignore gut feelings when it comes to a first name.

  4. I voted and wanted to say my girl name I’ve been in love with forever is Grace Elizabeth. Calling her Gracie for short. 🙂

  5. I vote for Leah Lucille, because really, do you want to take the chance that he will think of the ex every time her name is said? I do think Lucy is an adorable name, for the record. You could go with one of my two favorite names, Olivia or Audrey (I would go with Audrey though, sweetest child ever! Olivia gave me most of my laugh lines, but ALL of my grey hair!).

    • @kathygee1, My cousin named her little girl Audrey, so that one’s taken. (Would be confusing to have 2 of them!) I think Olivia is a beautiful name, but again, I have this weird hang-up about sticking with family names.

  6. I love the name Lucy. Leah is good but to me Lucy is fun, energetic and just plain awesome!!!

  7. I love Lucy. Heh, that was totally unintentional, I SWEARS. Leah is a beautiful name, but the gut instinct thing speaks to me, too.

  8. I actually voted for Lucy, I just like the sound of it. Very delicate and elegant all at the same time. I’d be partial though to the name Patricia because it’s the female version of my own name. However, then you get the nickname Pat and we all know aout Pat from Saturday Night Live. I guess that’s ok though, then she can dress however she wants. 😉

    I still vote for Lucy though. 🙂

    • @Hockeymandad, Yeeeah, I think I’ll pass on Pat for that SNL association. Not that there’s anything wrong with people exploring beyond traditional gender boundaries or whatever, but… no.

    • @Robin, Really? Wow, I can only think of 1 Lucy (beyond my grandmother) but I know several Leahs. I wonder if maybe the popularity varies by region?

  9. Not too many can say they can “feel” the name beforehand. You ate lucky. Listen to your inner voice sister….

  10. Lucy makes me want to holler, “Looooooooooooo-seeeeeeeeee.”

    So yeah, Lucy.

  11. I think I already told you this but we have named both our girls after ex-girlfriends of my husband. When I picked the names I didn’t know that but he seems to be just fine with it. I love the name Lucy. Classic name.

  12. Well, either way, Rachel Coleman will be flattered! I think you can’t go wrong with either name, but since you’re asking, I have a slight preference for Leah. It’s timeless and elegant, and might land her that high-powered job someday. Lucy is playful and fun, just like Catie is playful and fun, so that’s good too. I just want to meet her!

  13. I love, love Leah Lucille. I would be totally okay with that and I can totally see why Dave wouldn’t want to name her Lucy. However, I voted for Lucy because if that’s what is in your gut, you can’t go wrong. It’s how I make all my major decisions!

  14. I think we didn’t make up our mind with Austin until he was born. He’s very good at being Austin, so it worked out well.

    No hurry, right?

    I vote for the name: Ki$ha.

  15. I said something else, mainly because if you have it narrowed down, I think waiting until you see her might help. She may feel like Lucy now, and maybe that’s her name: or maybe you’ll take one look at her and proclaim her another name. David’s grandmother’s name, or his mother or your other grandmother or some other name will hit you out of the blue that turns out to be a great-great-great grandmother that you hadn’t heard any stories of.

  16. I think you should go with the hard-core Catholic Mary Margaret, just kidding I think Lucy is great!

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