6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. My 6-year old niece, Haley, has been wanting the unicorn BAD. We went to the mall the other day to the Pillow Pet stand and they didn’t have the unicorn. So $35 later, she settled for another one. Life is so hard for Haley! LOL!

    I guess the unicorn is the most popular. It is cute that’s for sure! So, is the little chica holding it! 🙂

    • @Brandy, I didn’t know they had a mall kiosk! I thought you could only get them online or by calling the 800 number from the TV commercial.

  2. I’m a total lurker but had to comment. She is so
    totally adorable! I only have one child, a 6 month old daughter and I always say how I want her to be little forever…but after seeing all the pics of Catie, I cant wait to see what my Layla will be like (and all the adorable crazy things she’ll do) when she’s older. Thanks for all the pics & stories!

    • @Sara, Aww, thanks for commenting! And yeah, 6 month olds are great, but just wait. Toddlers are SO MUCH FUN. You’ll see.

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