the obligatory pre-BlogHer post

I’m leaving for BlogHer in less than 48 hours, and I’m oddly calm about it. Sure, there’s a lot to do: laundry, packing, getting cash from the ATM, stocking up on groceries so Dave won’t have to do it, etc. But I keep seeing people talk about how anxious they are, nervous about meeting the popular bloggers, and OMG it’s going to be like high school and I’m going to hide out in the bathroom the whole weekend or whatever. And I guess I’m feeling sort of “meh” about it. I hope I get to meet all of the bloggers that I love, and I hope that none of them are stuck-up snobs. (I have no reason to think that any of them are snobs; if I did, I wouldn’t bother reading their blogs.)

Really, there are two things that are making me nervous:
1. I might get to meet Tim Gunn. This scares me because I adore him and I know I’m not exactly the most super-fashionable chick on the planet. But I know that if I have the opportunity to get my picture taken with Tim Gunn and I don’t, my mom will kick my butt. (My mom loooves her some Project Runway.) So again… eh. I know Tim Gunn is way too polite to tell me to my face that I look like crap, so I’ll just have to pretend that he isn’t secretly judging me. Although I’m pretty sure that he will be.

2. This will be the first time ever that Dave is on solo-parent duty overnight. (And this will be for THREE nights!) He’ll have some help, Catie will go to daycare on Friday, and I think Cat and Tony are planning to take Catie off his hands for a few hours over the weekend so he can pack. (Hear that, buddy? Packing. Not playing Scrabble on Facebook. I mean it.) I’m just worried because I’m still Catie’s primary translator, so I worry that there will be some communication breakdowns and frustration on both sides. But I just have to trust that they’ll get through it and it’ll all be ok.

Mostly, I’m just excited. I get to sleep in a hotel room where there will be zero chance of a two year-old climbing into bed next to me at 3 a.m. I’ll have conversations with grown-ups. I can have cocktails. I get to meet a lot of brilliantly funny, lovely women whose writing I’ve admired for years. There’s really not much negativity or anxiety around it for me.

For three days, though, man alive I am going to miss this face.
Catie in the toy store
How could I not?

7 thoughts on “the obligatory pre-BlogHer post

  1. >>where there will be zero chance of a two year-old >>climbing into bed next to me at 3 a.m.

    Let’s hope that’s true!

  2. Can not wait til TOMORROW!!!

    See you in Chicago. I promise I won’t climb into bed with you at 3 a.m., cause that would just be awkward! 🙂

  3. um, given your tweets about being overserved last night, it’s kinda funny that your sidebar blogher ad is for pepto bismol!! hee hee!

  4. ps — meant to say hurry up and get some pics and scoop up — want to hear how everything went!

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