my first vlog

Isn’t that what you crazy kids call a video blog entry? Anyway, here’s mine.

I mainly got the idea for this because I wanted Dave to hear the psychotic Elmo singing, but he’s at work, so I needed a way to record it, because no way in hell am I keeping this thing in the house for Catie to find and want to play with later. Watch the video & you’ll see why.

Also, side note for those of you going to BlogHer: this might help you recognize me in the crowd. Although I’ll hopefully remember to put on some damn lipstick then.

6 thoughts on “my first vlog

  1. Hey! You don’t know me (I’m actually a Scrabble buddy of Dave’s); but I just wanted to say hello and that is a hilarious, yet scary story…teehee!

    You and your daughter are lovely, too, btw.



  2. You are far braver than I am. Don’t look for me to start vblogging anytime soon!
    But great job. Scary Elmo though.

  3. LMAO that is great. I got a tickle me Elmo for Christmas one year and at 1am one morning he started laughing and shaking saying, “hehehe that tickles!” when he was under my dresser and I was in bed and no one was touching him. So in a box he went b/c it scared the hell out of me.


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