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I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but my tech writing job has all but dried up since we moved. I’m still technically employed by [unnamed company], but they haven’t had a writing gig for me since last summer. The problem is, since we’re now in North Carolina, it’s not like I can just swing by the Redmond office at a moment’s notice, like I could when we lived 12 miles away. So most of the writing jobs that they have end up going to people who live locally, which I suppose makes sense.

In the meantime, my relationship with my employer is fine. Great, even. My manager checks in with me every few weeks to see how I’m doing, and to suggest a topic that I might want to study, just in case something arises that’s 100% remote work. He seems to genuinely feel bad that he hasn’t been able to scrounge up an assignment for me lately, which is nice. And sort of reassuring to know that they still want me around, they just haven’t found the right gig for me.

The fact is, though, I need to start bringing in a paycheck. We’re getting by ok right now – I mean, our budget is stretched pretty tight, but who isn’t these days? But we aren’t able to save up anything, so at the rate we’re going, we’ll be renting for the rest of our lives. And we would like to buy a house again someday. Also, if we ever want to have a second baby? Well, kids cost money. And it’d be nice if we could afford a housekeeper every couple of weeks to help me out with the cleaning. It all comes down to the same thing: I need to go find myself one of those job thingies.

To that end, I’m applying for jobs all over the place. I’m not opposed to taking an office job, although I’d prefer a work-from-home scenario, just because it’s easier with the kiddo. But I’ve applied for a couple of freelance writing jobs where the employer is looking for someone with blogging experience. And heck, I have almost six years of that just with this site alone.

The weird thing is? They want the URL of your blog, which is, well, right here. So I had to list this site on a couple of job applications, and I have to say that I’m a little weirded out by that. This site is usually made up of my rambling thoughts that I crank out without a whole lot of editing or tweaking. So I don’t know if anyone will get a true vibe of my writing “style” by reading this website. I’m now wondering if I need to go through my archives and start deleting things, but I doubt I’ll ever do that. It’s a little too paranoid for me.

Anyway, if you’re here because I applied for a job with your organization? Welcome. I hope you’re suitably impressed with what you find on my site. And if you want to pay me to write for you, well, that’s even better.

7 thoughts on “hello, potential employers

  1. you don’t have a job, but yet you want a housekeeper? Clean your own house and quit complaining.

  2. Hi, jojo, so nice to see you again. I kind of thought that sentence might bring you out of the woodwork.

    Once again, you latched onto one phrase and totally misconstrued what I said. I actually *do* clean my own house right now. And I’m not complaining about it, I was just saying that it would be nice if I didn’t have to. Who likes to clean? But you know, I’m sure you’ll find something criticism-worthy of that too. Whatever.

  3. Um, Cindy TOTALLY has a job. It just doesn’t come with a paycheck.

    I’m a SAHM and I cook delicious dinners every night and I do laundry and dishes but I have an every-other-week housekeeper, too, because I am a terrible housekeeper and like to have the occasional hour to myself. No need to apologize for that.

  4. Jojo– Quit complaining? Try that yourself sometime. Don’t like this blog? Don’t read it!

  5. Jojo, I think its safe to say that everyone who reads this blog is sick and tired of listening to your vitriol.

    My wife’s choice to leave steady employment to spend time with our child during her first few years is a decision that should be applauded; and also just happens to be absolutely none of your business.

    With the same deft stroke of your mouse, you also manage to offend millions of other people who would love to be able to work but are not able to. As a taxpayer I am more than happy to be contributing to those families who are in genuine need.

    So. Zip it. Come back when you can offer something constructive.

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