Welcome to the world, Austin Truxillo Romaine.

Cat and baby Austin

Oh y’all. He’s so precious. He looks so much like his big sister Elizabeth looked when she was first born. Just adorable, and SO. MUCH. HAIR. The strange part is that I know he’s bigger (by a couple of inches and more than a pound) than Catie was when she was first born, but holding him felt so strange. He’s just so teeny-tiny. It’s like your arms get used to your baby at whatever size they currently are, and you forget what it was like before, when they were so tiny and new.

Don’t get me wrong, it also feels pretty darn great to hold them when they’re this little.

me with baby Austin

It even got Dave and I talking about maybe, possibly ditching the birth control and seeing what happens next. Three years is a pretty good spacing between kids, isn’t it?

Anyway, enough about my stuff. More baby pics over on Tony’s site.

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