I am a ridiculously slow learner

I did go with my sister to her little mini-reunion last night. It turned out that it was at a sports bar, so there was alcohol on the premises. Oh my lord, was there ever alcohol.

Tracy and me kissing Will, her prom date TWENTY YEARS AGO
That guy that my sister and I are both kissing? He was her prom date. Twenty years ago. It’s totally ok that I (as a married lady) am kissing him, though, because I am 99.9% sure that he is not into girls at all.

I think I had about four vodkas with cranberry juice, and I? Do not hold my booze so well anymore these days. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after that incident with the wine a couple of weeks ago, but apparently not. So I woke up today with an unbelievable hangover, cancelled my playdate with Danielle because I felt so wretched (I’m so sorry, Danielle!), and I’ve been trying to fake it that I’m fine all day because I don’t want to give my dad any fodder to lecture me about how I shouldn’t drink.

Besides, I woke up to this face, so I kind of had to try to get my act together:
laughing at Tracy

I’ve been nursing water, ibuprofen, multi-vitamins, and Pepto-Bismol all day trying to make myself recover. It worked pretty well. I met up with some of my friends from high school for dinner tonight at a pizza place that was sort of Chuck E. Cheese-ish, and I actually felt ok by the time I got there.

mommies and babies

See? Do I look hungover? I think I made a pretty decent comeback. I do still feel pretty lousy, though. Hopefully I’ll be totally over it tomorrow, because I’m planning to eat my body weight in ham, turkey, dressing, and sweet potato casserole. Oh, and we’re making cake. Mmm.