the mini-high school reunion

Last night was – oddly – totally normal. It’s bizarre to me how there are some people that you can go more than a decade without seeing or speaking to, and then when you do, it’s just totally natural. You just pick up where you left off and it’s all smooth and easy.

One of the girls who was supposed to meet up with us, Allison, was a good friend of mine and a close neighbor when I was growing up. Sadly, she couldn’t come because her baby came down with a fever, so she stayed home to take care of her. It was a bummer, but hopefully I’ll see her next time.

The other two girls, Melanie and Michele, have obviously stayed close friends over the years, so it was a little weird at first that they have this entire rapport with each other, and I didn’t really fit into the equation. But then after a few minutes it was totally relaxed and fun and nice. I even got an apology from one of them about an incident in high school, which I never really thought was her fault to begin with, but it was nice to know that she thought of how the whole thing must have affected my feelings.

It was also funny that Melanie married a guy who we went to high school with – even though they didn’t date in high school and weren’t even really friends at the time, if I recall correctly. Apparently they started dating a few years after they finished college, and now they’re married and have an adorable baby girl. Weird, but very cool.

So yeah, it was good. Great, even. We’re going to try to get together one more time before I leave town – and hopefully Allison’s baby will be better by then so she can join us. Maybe I’ll even remember to take my damn camera out of my purse next time, since that was one thing that I intended to do and totally forgot. Oops.

Oh well, my mom did get this one of me and Catie:

Catie and me

It cracks me up because Catie was saying “CHEESE!” when my mom took the picture. I have no idea how she learned that, because we sure didn’t teach her to do that. But I think it’s a contender to be the next picture on the sidebar thingy over there on the right.