productive morning

My mom’s in surgery right now. My parents left really early this morning, and told me to stay here with Catie, since hanging out in a waiting room for hours with a toddler is not exactly anyone’s idea of a good time.

It’s oddly quiet with just me and Catie here, but we’ve had a good morning. We got up, dressed, fed, and then set off for the grocery store (my mom had a list, and it’s one less thing for her to think about). Catie fell asleep on the way home, and she took a nap for about an hour & a half. While she was asleep, I took it upon myself to clean out my parents’ refrigerator. And I mean, I cleaned it – I took the shelves and drawers out and scrubbed down the whole thing. I’m guessing they haven’t done that since they moved into this house in 2004. There was a jar of horseradish in there that expired before I got married. Yikes.

Compared to the last time we were here in August, things are a thousand times better. Catie seems to remember my parents and this house, and she’s been totally chilled out and having fun. She went to sleep with no major issues and she’s let both of my parents pick her up. (My mom was happy about that, since she won’t be able to pick her up again for a while after today.) So it’s been good.

The weather is really pretty, but cold. This is not the type of Mississippi climate that I’m used to. I’m sure it’ll get hot before we leave, it’s just weird. But in the meantime, Catie and I are going to go bundle up and play in my parents’ backyard for a while. Hope y’all are having a good day.

P.S. to Dave: I was right. Last night before bedtime, she asked for Daddy and cried when I told her you weren’t here. Poor kiddo.

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  1. Aww, I haven’t had to spend a real night (aside from those stupid watches!) with out my baby yet and it tears me up that i will have to, sooner rather than later I am afraid. I can only imagine what you all are going through. Happy thoughts and best wishes for your Mom!

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