kiss my butt, Google Maps

Today was our friends Becky and Carrie’s wedding. I was so excited about this wedding; I’ve known both of them for over ten years, I just adore them and I’m so happy for them both. We left extra-early to make sure there was no way we’d be late (as we always are): the wedding was set to start at 1:30, and we left at 12:45. It should’ve only taken about 20 minutes to get there. Dave and I don’t really know our way around this area yet, so I had used Google Maps to get my driving directions there. That’s foreshadowing doom right there, in case you didn’t guess.

We set off, and we hit a little bit of road-construction traffic, but nothing major. Then we finally get to the area that Google said was our destination, and… no. The wedding was supposed to be in a restaurant (ceremony in a banquet hall upstairs, reception in the restaurant downstairs), but where we were? There was nothing but farmland all around us. So, um, WTF?

I figured that at least we were on the right street, so we’d just follow it down to the correct street number, and we’d be good. Only… it didn’t exist. Eventually we ended up in the next county, where the street changed names, and oh my hell, we are LOST. And sadly, the GPS in Dave’s car is pretty hit-or-miss right now, because we need to take it to a dealership and get the software upgraded. (It knows the Northwest really well, but its directions in North Carolina are sketchy at best.) It told us that the particular number on this street didn’t exist. Again: WTF?

We eventually figured it out, but we got there after 2:00, so we missed the entire ceremony. The only thing that kept me from bursting into tears over this is because I didn’t want to ruin my make-up.

But, you know, we made it. And I got to hug both of the brides and tell them how sorry I was that I had missed it, but I was so glad that I could be there on their special day.

me, Becky & Kristy

me, Carrie & Kris

(I sort of forgot to get a picture of both brides at the same time. Oops.)
(Oh, and the blonde on the far right of that first picture? That’s my ex-roommate who I hadn’t seen in over TEN YEARS! Crazy! It was so fun to see her and catch up.)

And Cate had a fantastic time running around the restaurant.

she LOVED the bench-style seating

Luckily she wasn’t the only kid there, and most people seemed to think she was cute and not obnoxious. We tried to rein her in as much as possible, but seriously, she’s kind of impossible to contain. Exhibit A: SPAZZ.

my happy little spazz

I swear, I don’t know where she gets all that energy. She didn’t inherit that from ME, I promise you. She took a short nap on the way home, and was rested and recharged in no time. We went for a walk around the neighborhood to let her burn off some more energy. Well, it was less of a walk and more of a run, really.

girl on the MOVE

I’m hoping that all the running she’s done today will help her sleep tonight. Please GOD, let her sleep. Yeesh.

4 thoughts on “kiss my butt, Google Maps

  1. It looks like most of the Linens & Things are going out of business. You might want to check your local one.
    BTW, I like the top you choose to wear. Or is it a dress? Cause the top of it is super cute on you.

  2. Oh thanks! It’s a top, I wore it with a black skirt. Actually it’s the exact same thing I wore to Scott & Cara’s wedding, come to think of it.

    I love it because the top AND the skirt are both sort of a stretchy material, so I can eat until I’m totally bloated and still be comfortable. (Plus, you know, empire waist top hides the tummy.) đŸ™‚

    Thanks for the info on Linens & Things – I’ll definitely go check them out soon!

  3. Your daughter is so adorable. Remember to enjoy these moments. Our girls are five now. It seems like just yesterday they were your daughter’s age. It’s a wonderful time. Enjoy!

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