a different kind of automobile-related rage

So… my car. My caaarrrr. I wrote about this before, but the movers? They are PISSING. ME. OFF.

After FIVE WEEKS of having no driveable car, I have made absolutely zero progress with these people. After harassing them mercilessly, they said that they mailed us a check for some completely bizarre amount: $2,424, because we were insured for 60 cents a pound. Apparently it’s based on my car’s weight. So, if it had been totalled, I would’ve only gotten 2 grand? WTF?

Anyway, they said they mailed the check on August 21st, and we never got it. I called them back and asked the address that it went to, and they said the wrong zip code. We asked them to send a new check, but then they backtracked and said that no no no, actually, it DID go to the correct zip. What? Freaking liars.

Oh, and my Progressive claims guy? Kinda useless. He called them a few times, called me back and said he could understand why I was frustrated because he couldn’t get anywhere with them either. Um…? Yeah, great, thanks for your help, dude!

I finally went back to the franchise moving company – the people that we actually hired in the first place, which is a small company based in Seattle. They were mortified, and called the headquarters to tell them to send us a new check. They said they sent it last Tuesday. So it’s been a week, and we still don’t have it. They’re based in Chicago, it really should only take maybe 2-3 days for something to get to us through the regular mail.

Want to know how angry I am? These are the movers we used: National Van Lines. I was trying not to say their name because I don’t want to badmouth specific companies on my blog, but seriously. Enough is enough. Avoid these people at all costs.

I’ve just filed complaints with both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We’ll see if THAT helps me make some progress with these jackasses.

4 thoughts on “a different kind of automobile-related rage

  1. Oh, that is ridiculous! I am sorry, but I hope the BBB or FMCSA makes some headway with these jackholes. Thanks for the heads-up to avoid them. I have enough talent totalling my own car; I don’t need help from others. Maybe we’ll just drive cross-country when we move east.

  2. Yeah, either drive it yourself or hire a moving company that puts your car onto one of those huge car-moving things (you know, the trucks where they have like a dozen cars stacked on 2 levels?). I think putting it on the moving van with all of your furniture is just asking for trouble. It might mean you get your car and your belongings at 2 separate times, but really, that’s kind of a small inconvenience.

  3. I will never use National Van Lines. I can’t believe how they’ve screwed you on this. To think that the car was only insured by the POUND???? So my 1996 Ford Ranger pickup would have netted more for damages than your much newer Scoobydoo? It’s ridiculous.

  4. I can understand your frustration about the check — I hope you have received it by now. However, as someone who works for a moving company in Los Angeles, I do get frustrated myself with people not taking responsibility for their own decisions. If you try to save money by not taking out the extra coverage, how can you blame the company for sticking to the valuation you signed for?

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