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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but my job back in Seattle technically moved out here with me. As in, they still consider me one of their freelance employees. But because my projects were all tech writing assignments for Microsoft, I don’t qualify for the projects where I might be required to go on-site. Which sadly, is… well, most assignments. It’s not like I can just hop in my car and be there in 15 minutes, right? So I haven’t had any work from them since sometime around June.

The move hit us pretty hard financially, so I’m now looking for another job to help us make up the difference. I know I don’t have to, we’d be ok in a few months either way, but I really miss using my brain every day. I’m overdosing on Noggin here. (I think when you form an opinion about whether you prefer Joe or Steve on “Blue’s Clues,” you’ve probably been watching it too much.) (And for what it’s worth, I like Joe, but Dave prefers the episodes with Steve.) So now I’m spending a whole lot of time browsing job sites. Which is a bit of a time-sucker.

And I feel guilty saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to Cate going to daycare again. She’s much happier when she gets to run around and play with other kids (and the energy she burns at daycare really seems to help with her sleeping, because she conks out), and I’m much more patient when I get a break from her, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Of course, everything you see on the news about the economy is not so great, so it’s entirely possible that my job hunting will prove useless and won’t turn up anything. And really, we’ll be ok if I don’t get a job. I’m just kind of hoping that I do.

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  1. steve all the way…

    and it’s amazing how much working can seem like a vacation when there’s (not) a toddler involved.

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