Listing Day!

Cate is about a thousand times better today than she was on Sunday. She’s still a little bit snotty, but she hasn’t needed her albuterol since Sunday night, and she’s been in a great mood, so I’d say we’re definitely through the worst of it. The only problem is that this illness has totally thrown off her sleep/nap schedule, so the last couple of nights, she’s been playing happily until after 11:00! That is sooo not ok when mama needs her sleep too.

hi, mama!

Today she’s back at Patsy’s house, since I need to be working and cleaning the house. It’s amazing how trashed the place can get when you’re taking care of a sick child. I wouldn’t say that the work of the Super-Duper House Cleaners last week has totally been undone, but there’s more than a fair amount of clutter around here that needs to be picked up.

Because, after all, we’re going to be listing our house on the market TODAY!!! I’ll get a picture of the for sale sign as soon as it’s up. (Oh, and if you know me, you can email me if you want the link to see our house online. I’m not going to link to it here because I have no need for strangers to know my home address.)

The reason why I’m a little frantic about the cleaning is because Renee warned me that sometimes people want to come see your house the first day that it’s listed. Now, I’m guessing that’s pretty unlikely in our case, since we’re so far out in the boonies, and it’s a pretty horrible day outside (raining and in the 50’s). But of course since she put the idea in my head, last night I had a dream that people kept showing up to see my house when it was in its current disaster state and I was mortified. So yeah, I’ll be working on that.

Listing! The house! Today! Woo-hoo!!!

Edited to add:
We're on the market!
Oh yeah. We’re official. Let the happy dances commence.

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  1. Good luck!!!I can’t imagine listing our place…so much baby crap everywhere and noooo desire to do anything about it.

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