because we aren't nearly stressed out enough

Cate is sick. Again. She developed a snotty nose on Thursday, but was otherwise still totally fun and happy and fine. I was praying that it was just a new tooth, and not a real cold, because LORDY we don’t have time to deal with that right now.

This morning she woke up wheezing. Full-on asthma attack. She’s been absolutely miserable, poor kid. It took a few doses of albuterol before she was finally comfortable enough to take a nap, which is what she’s doing right now.

So it looks like I won’t be able to send her to daycare tomorrow, which sucks because (a) I have a meeting at the Giant Software Company in the morning (a weekly event that’s part of my current project), and yeah ok, Dave will be fine to look after her for a couple of hours, but he has a major deadline looming too, so I don’t know how we’re going to juggle this. And (b) we’re planning to list our house on Tuesday, which means it really needs to be clean, and not covered in snotty tissues like it is now. But how can you clean when the only thing that keeps your sick child content is to snuggle on the couch with her and watch a few DVR’ed episodes of “Johnny and the Sprites”? How heartless would I be to just be all, “sorry kiddo, mama needs to vacuum, you’re on your own”? I can’t do it. So instead, I’m just sort of wigging out about how I’m going to swing this. I suppose cleaning during her nap would be a start, which, oh yeah, come to think of it, means I should probably get my lazy ass off the computer.

Before I get to that, my dad requested a new video, so I took this one for him. It’s from yesterday, when she was snotty-but-happy. We walked across the street to visit the neighbor’s horse, who totally ignored us because he was on the far side of the pasture. But you can hear her say “horsey” a couple of times (sort of sounds like “huddy”).

(Btw, the cows in the next pasture over? They’re called huddy too, in case you didn’t know.)

3 thoughts on “because we aren't nearly stressed out enough

  1. I love her little walk! Its so cute! And, oh yea, she navigates that gravel really well! I heard “hosey” rather than “huddy” so she is pretty close to “horsey.” Oh, and when you asked her if she was “ok”, I distrinctly heard her say “ok.” She’s definitely getting more vocal! It really is a cute video.
    Oh, and I think the recent “heat wave” brought something in the air. Miss C ran a fever all weekend (at one point it got up to 103.7 so I freaked but that’s another story all together). Miss C is basically back to snotty nose (I use cloth diapers rather than tissues because they are easier on her nose) and not nearly as grumpy or tired as she was. Good luck with the house! It really does look super!

  2. That video is SO DARN CUTE! She is talking up a storm! She was just saving up all those words for when she was good and ready to start using them. And all that walking! She’s so sure on her feet. Better watch out because she’s gonna climb that gate soon!

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