snow day

What do you know, it’s my first “day off” from blogging, and here I am.

Last night we had a little bit of snow, but it melted quickly this morning. Then this afternoon, the snow just started coming down like crazy. Big huge white clumps falling down. I guess I’m truly a Southern girl at heart, because I get so excited when it snows. You know, assuming I don’t have to drive in it. That’s a whole other story, driving in snow makes me really cranky (see: one of many reasons why living in Massachusetts sucked for me).

Anyway, this wasn’t Cate’s first snow – that happened within a few days after she was born back in January. But it was the first time she was old enough to see it and be aware of it. So I bundled both of us up and walked outside to see what she’d think. It was really coming down hard, so she seemed sort of confused by it. There was lots of blinking and smacking her lips when the snow hit her in the face, but she wasn’t unhappy. She didn’t seem thrilled by it either, so we came back in after a couple of minutes.

Later, she pulled herself up to a stand on the big trunk in our living room bay window and she laughed and laughed while watching the snow outside. So I guess she’s sort of like me with thinking that snow is best when you can watch it from a cozy, warm place.

It’s let up now, but I’m guessing there’s at least an inch (maybe two) of snow on the ground. Good thing we didn’t have any big plans this weekend. Catching up on laundry won’t require me to leave the house, so we’re fine.