NaBloPoMo Day 28: all over creation

First of all, if you haven’t been following the comments on this post, go read them. That Google is a funny thing. Although I’m slightly mortified that I dissed a cartoon in passing and then the show’s creator left me a comment. Eek!

Today has been crazy errand-running day. After dropping Cate off at daycare, I:
* Made the rounds at Costco and stocked up on formula and other essentials.

* Got a haircut. (It’s been over three months since my last one – I was due.)

* Hit a health food store for protein and vitamin supplies (end results of my gastric bypass). While I was there, I ran into a former friend who I haven’t spoken to since before Dave and I got married. That was awkward, but I decided to be the bigger person and say hi. It wasn’t so bad.

WARNING TO MY DAD: No reading below this point!! (Not that I’m worried, I don’t think he ever reads this site.)

* Went to the Microsoft store to buy my dad’s Christmas present. This required me to be kind of sneaky and subversive, since I haven’t worked there for a year, so technically I’m not allowed to shop there anymore. I tried using my old badge to unlock the door, which of course didn’t work, so I asked the security guard if he’d let me in, and he did without even giving my badge a second glance. The thing is, my badge showed that I was a contractor, so it’s not like I would’ve gotten any cool employee discounts anyway, it was just gaining admission to the Sacred World of Things with Microsoft Logos on Them.

(I got my dad a golf shirt. He loves them. He likes bragging to his golf buddies about how his daughter works there. Or used to. Technically, my paycheck still comes from them in a very indirect way, but that’s a long story.)

(Oh, and I got Cate a “Microsoft Kid” t-shirt since she’s outgrown her Microsoft onesie. Hee! Dave says she isn’t allowed to leave the house wearing it. Whatever. We’ll just see about that.)

And now, it’s off to give the baby a bath and head off to bed. I feel like I haven’t stopped moving all day. So tired.

5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 28: all over creation

  1. D’OH!

    I guess you really never know who’s listening to these conversations. At least the stuff you hate about the show was not Don’s handywork. It’s less embarassing when you’re dissing the mega corporate giant.

  2. What happened to referring to Micro$haft the ‘Big Software Company’ 🙂

    You’re so busted…

  3. Sigh. There should, of course, have been an ‘as’ in there…

    I only correct myself because I know that otherwise my wife will the minute I walk through the door after work.


  4. I don’t work on campus anymore, and I’m not saying anything negative about them (hmm, well, except that maybe their security is a bit lax), so I think I’m safe in calling them by their proper name.

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