I’d like to thank both Shannon and Cat for the suggestions of yogurt and the BRAT diet, respectively, for Cate’s diarrhea. I tried them both at the same time, so I have no idea which one was better. But the two of them together worked like a champ, and she’s had no more poo-splosions all week. Hurray!

Cate says, “Normal poops! And no more ear infection! And teeth that have finally broken through the gums! Yaaaay for all of it!”

Daycare seems to be going a lot better. Cate hasn’t cried the last couple of mornings at drop-off time, which has made it infinitely easier for me. There’s a little 2 year-old girl there named Scarlett who Cate seems pretty entertained by, and who is a blog post in her own right (more about her some other time). Cate even seems to be liking Patsy’s dogs more and more. Until now, she only liked Patsy’s cats – she loves cats since she’s around them all the time at home – and the long-haired chihuahua named Buddy. And honestly, I think she thought Buddy was some sort of a weird-looking cat. But Patsy has two other dogs (a beagle and some sort of large yellow dog – a lab, maybe? Golden retriever? I don’t know) and Cate was pretty freaked out by them at first, but she seems to think they’re ok now.

Other stuff: I finished my first work project today, which was a lot of fun and I think I kicked major butt on it, if I do say so myself. Being finished means no more money for now, or at least until the editors get it back to me with any changes they want me to make. But that’s ok because I have racked up the billable hours this week, so our home improvement fund will be getting a nice little donation when I get my next paycheck.

Oh, and I still can’t believe we got through that storm without ever losing our electricity. Now I keep waiting for some other natural disaster to strike our house, because it doesn’t seem right that we would have that kind of luck, given how much our luck with nature has sucked in the past. I’m so relieved that there are no tornadoes in the Northwest.

3 thoughts on “improvement

  1. Between yogurt and BRAT, you had everything covered. I’m so glad they worked. Hooray for normal poops!

    Congratulations on kicking butt on your first project!

  2. DUDE, can we not tempt the earthquake gods with such statements about Mama Nature? 😉

    Seriously, I’m glad that Catie-babes is pooping normally again!

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