oh NO

Weather man says a windstorm is headed our way. Everybody please cross your fingers or say a little prayer or something that we keep our electricity, ok? If we have another nine-day power outage like last winter, I may not survive it.

Or at the very least, my credit card may not survive it, since Miss Cate and I will be checking our butts into the nearest hotel I can find. Dave can do as he pleases, he’s made of tougher stock than me and likes playing around with our generator and circuit breaker. But I’m declaring right now that my baby and I will not be freezing and miserable, thankyouverymuch.

6 thoughts on “oh NO

  1. You know, I was thinking of you this afternoon for the same reason. You are certainly welcome to come to the guest suite at our place, yay buried power lines! Or send Teenie our way for a gas fireplace vacation with our kitties.

  2. I should also add to my last comment that Purple, the wine bar in downtown, has a lovely cocktail list! And they’re open late! Come on down to the land of buried power lines!

    OK, I’m done now.

  3. I am shocked and amazed that it’s almost 8 p.m., the storm appears to be over, and we still have our electricity intact. I cannot believe it! The lights flickered a couple of times but that was it. [/end huge panic attack]

  4. Even up here everyone was freaking out. Guess we need to get our generator, huh? We had the lines etc for the house built in but haven’t purchased the generator yet. Any recommendations on types, sizes?

  5. I honestly wouldn’t know, since I leave all that stuff to Dave. The one time I tried to start the generator by myself was because he was out of town when we lost power, and I had to ask my neighbor to help me.

    One bit of advice: make sure it’s a safe distance from your house. During that 9-day power outage last winter, we apparently had the generator a *teensy* bit too close to the house and it melted part of the vinyl siding. Yet another expense that we hadn’t counted on.

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