a list: things I am not coping very well with right now

1. Still no bloody power.

2. Hospital tour tonight.

3. Ultrasound tomorrow morning.

4. The fact that we have water (because my brilliant husband got our well’s pump working), but that it’s brown. REALLY brown. I’m thanking my lucky stars that we got a water filter installed in our kitchen sink last week. I’m still not huge on the idea of showering in that stuff, though.

5. My entire family (mom, dad, brother, sister) will be arriving on Friday. As in four days from now. See #1 as for why this is a problem. It’s looking like they’re going to be spending Christmas in a hotel, which they’re all fine with, but I hate it.  

6. This sentence, which Dave said to me on at least three separate occasions yesterday: “Ok, I’m going outside to work on the generator. If you hear a loud bang, don’t worry because I’m nowhere near it.” I spent the next several minutes with my cell phone in hand, waiting for any loud-ish type noise to trigger the 911 call.

7. That I have no. energy. whatsoever. I usually think of myself as pretty tough in a crisis situation, but I am just not doing well with this whole disaster scenario at all.

8. To follow up on my lack-of-toughness in this crisis? I read this on our utility company’s website this morning, and promptly fell into a puddle of huge, heaving sobs:

Carnation, Duvall, Fall City, Snoqualmie and North Bend areas

The North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Snoqualmie Valley areas were among those hardest hit within our service area. Work is focused on restoring the high-voltage transmission grid and the substations that feed electricity to local neighborhoods. We hope to have our substations in these areas re-energized by midweek. Once this work is complete, we can concentrate solely on repairing the local distribution lines that serve customers. Restoration work in the heavily damaged Snoqualmie Valley will continue through the weekend.

Yeah, that Snoqualmie Valley area where the work will be continuing through the weekend? That’s us. And that’s really all I can say about that. Merry flippin’ Christmas to us.

3 thoughts on “a list: things I am not coping very well with right now

  1. If I were you, I’d take Cara up on that offer. Spending the holidays with your family heating microwave Turkey dinners at the hotel, or over the BBQ in your power-less house, sounds like The Suck. After all, you have the elusive Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing, and you can’t let it go to waste. 🙂

    I’m sending high-energy vibes your way: both for your house and especially for you.

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