ah, sweet george

I suppose it’s common knowledge that pregnant women have all sorts of crazy dreams, right? And I have been having more than my share of them. Most of them are just bizarre, although I’ve had several nightmares. And not just any nightmares, these are the type that haunt me for the next day or two and give me the chills whenever I think about them. Not fun.

Last week, though, I had the Best. Dream. Ever.

I dreamt that I met George Clooney, and I had the opportunity to hook up with him. I’m not sure how exactly that happened, but he was there and he wanted me. Not a bad way to start off a dream, eh? Alas, I turned poor George down. I explained to him that I loved my husband, so I couldn’t have sex with him. But, I figured that Dave would probably be able to forgive me if George and I kissed for a little while.

I mean, come ON, it’s George freakin’ Clooney. Dave couldn’t possibly hold a grudge for me not being able to pass up an opportunity like this:

The Clooney

If any of you ladies could turn that down, you are of stronger moral fiber than I.

So, George and I made out. It was totally PG-rated, there wasn’t even any over-the-sweater action. But it was awesome.

Ok, so it’s actually kind of lame, but at least it was better than flea’s Clooney dream.

P.S. to Dave: I love you and I promise that George wouldn’t have a chance in real life. Honest.

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