editing schmediting

I haven’t had much to write about lately. The problem is, my life really isn’t all that boring, but most of the stuff that’s been happening lately? I can’t write about it here. Let’s review:
* My job, about which there is major drama at the moment and oh my god, y’all, I so wish I could whine about it here – nope, can’t talk about it. At least not yet. (Probably not for a while.)
* My family – some stuff is ok, but I have to be very careful of what I say and who I write about, because I know some family members read this and I don’t want to upset anyone.
* My friends – same as above.

So, if it seems like I write a LOT about trying to get pregnant? That’s why. It’s the one thing going on in my life that I’m pretty free to write whatever I want about it. But please don’t think that I’m being obsessive about it, because I promise that I’m really not.

In light of that, here’s a brief What I Did This Weekend recap, which has absolutely nothing to do with any of the forbidden topics listed above, nor does it have anything to do with trying to get myself knocked up:

First, this was the weekend that we got estimates for new siding for our house, as well as central air-conditioning. Many sleazy salesmen were in our dining room at various points in time, it was very exciting. We figured out which company we like for central A/C, but I need more quotes for siding before I make a decision. I just can’t invest that much money in a company whose salesmen wear enormous gold class rings on their right hands. Can’t do it.

Saturday afternoon, I got a massage. I had a gift certificate from my birthday that I had never gotten around to using, so I finally did. It was heavenly.

Afterward, Dave and I went to a cinqo de mayo party at the home of some friends. It was fun, but I was driving so I had to stay sober. I’m usually fine with driving after one or two cocktails, but I’d had a bad headache earlier that day, and I was scared to mix alcohol with my migraine medicine. So I was good and stuck to either water or diet coke. Although in all honesty, the party probably would’ve been much more fun if I had been drinking. Anyway, I got to catch up with the girls, which is always nice. And we played Cranium – boys against girls, because apparently we’re still in junior high school. (Who knew?) I think the boys won, but I was so tired by the time the game finished that I honestly wasn’t paying attention anymore.

Although I must say that Dave does some hilarious charades. When he was trying to act out “The Friendly Giant” and someone guessed that he was a Very Tall Prostitute… well, let’s just say it was a good thing that I was already sititng on the floor, because it’s where I surely would have landed.

Sunday, I finally finished repairing Kris’s computer – her brother apparently used it when hunting for porn, and it was so full of viruses and spyware that I had to completely reinstall Windows from scratch. I took it over to her place and got it set up for her, and hung out for a while with her and Lucky.

Last night, Dave and I watched “Match Point.” It was a good movie, but man, are you supposed to like any of the characters in that film? Because, um… no. I did not like them. At all.

6 thoughts on “editing schmediting

  1. Well its not so much that I minded someone shouting out ‘Very Tall Prostitute’, but they could have at least waited for me to *start* my charade first…

  2. Aaahh, charades….Dave, were you the Lionel Blair to Cindy’s Una Stubbs?

  3. Hahaha! Oh, Lionel, where are you now…

    Well, according to wwwdottvdotcom, his last appearance was with Keith Harris and ‘best friend’ Orville on ‘The Farm’ back in May 2005. Wow.

    Of course about 1% of anyone who reads this will have any inkling of what I’m talking about so thereyago…

  4. I don’t know how worried I should be at you doing a “where are they now” search on the Lionel, Dave.
    Una on the other hand was on ITV in Feb in a Miss Marple adventure…

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