whine sneeze cough whine repeat

Our Halloween plans (see freak parade, below) didn’t happen because Dave and I both got sick. I have a full-on sinus infection (whee! Thank the baby Jesus for Puffs plus with lotion so my poor widdle nose doesn’t shrivel up and fall off), and I’m not sure what’s up with Dave, but I think he’s caught it from me. Right now he’s just complaining about feeling sort of headache-y and fuzzy. If what I currently have is any indication of what he’s in for, let me just say now: sweetie, I am so sorry. Love, your germy wife.

In other news, this morning I had to delete something like 20 spam comments that had been left on old posts, and they all came from the past 2 days. Very weird. So in light of that, I decided it was time to check up on my web stats. Which means it’s time for another round of, “what search terms are bringing people to this website?”

  • “fat kid” – Now, that’s just not nice. We won’t have any of that here.
  • “cougar vs rottweiler” – I might be stupid, but I’ll put my money on the cougar.
  • “movies shot in duvall wa” – Seriously? Someone filmed a movie here? Who are they, and for the love of God, why? Was it a documentary about goats and alpacas? The mind boggles.
  • “kris osborn crystal meth” – I don’t know who this Kris Osborn person is, but dude, if people are googling you and your addiction in the same search phrase, it might be time for rehab.
  • “nouveau duo vegas” – I had no idea that these folks had such a following. I don’t know anything about them or their music, I just thought the sign was hilarious. And I wasn’t even drunk at the time. (Promise. That wasn’t until much later that day.)
  • “what does raccoon poop look like” – Beats me. But if you want to come investigate my yard, you can probably find plenty of it.
  • “I never break out with pimples could it be stress related” – I have all kinds of weird symptom-y things that bring people here, which I suppose is normal since I talk about things like zits and whatnot. This one struck me as odd because it’s phrased like the person is asking their search engine a question. Like google is going to come back to them with a sympathetic hand pat and a prescription. Has no one ever heard of a dermatologist? Come on, people!
  • My personal favorite: “people go poop”. Yes, yes they do. And here we have the exact reason why 7 year-old boys should not be allowed to use computers.
  • And now, back to our regularly scheduled sniffling and whining.

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