helpful tip

When you have a total childhood regression and buy halloween candy a good two or three weeks before halloween, and you tip your head back to pour the entire contents of a pixy stix straw onto your tongue, remember to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. Ow.

8 thoughts on “helpful tip

  1. Ooooh, that's gotta hurt…you must have been, quite literally, frothing at the mouth.

  2. ah yes. reminds me of the time my jello accidentally was inhaled UP the back of my throat into my nasal cavity at work because i “moved wrong”. ahem.

    i feel your pain.

  3. Where's the funny? Found it.

    I'm into safer halloween candy: candy corn, mmmmm… sweet candy corn.

  4. Mmmmmm Pixy Stix. They're just so good you can't help but inhale them. I always hurt myself with that Christmas Ribbon candy. I say: STOP trying to chew it, you KNOW better. And then I chew it anyway.

    Are there any stix left for the kiddies?

  5. I love pixy stix! Although my favorite powdered candy would have to be Fun Dip. Those white candy sticks are damn tasty.

  6. The halloween candy is gone, we’ll have to restock before the kiddies come. I’m justifying it by thinking that it would’ve been stale after 2 weeks anyway, so it’s really ok that we gobbled it down.

    Mmmm… Fun Dip. And Sarcomical: that jello thing sounds seriously painful. And all the more embarassing that it happened at work.

  7. I bet that would hurt. But probably not as bad as sneezing a tricuit out of your nose. That, my friends, burns like hell.

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