random bits

Job news: Even though I’ve pretty much stopped looking while I focus on studying for the next few weeks, I heard about a possibility today that could be really good. But I don’t want to jinx myself by talking too much about it (or wanting it too much, which doesn’t seem to work well for me either), so we’ll file it away in the back of our minds and just wait to see what happens. It certainly won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get it, it’s just the first good job possibility that I’ve heard about lately. Oh, and I finally heard (only almost two weeks after the fact) that I didn’t get that other job that I wasn’t sure about. Which I pretty much knew, but come on, is it really necessary to take that long to make a decision?

Studying progress: I’m now on chapter 7. Which means I’m over 25% of the way through this book, and that’s in less than a week. So I can deal with that. Maybe this means I could actually lighten up on myself a bit and break up my day by, oh I don’t know, occasionally doing dishes or paying bills or doing something else useful since I’m home all freakin’ day long. But that’s doubtful. I enjoy feeling like I have some momentum, so I think I just want to hammer this exam out as fast as possible, and then I’ll worry about the state of the house. (And it’s bad, y’all. Really. You have no idea the amount of clutter that two people can generate in a week.)

The doctor update: I really like my new doctor. She has the same last name as one of the doctors on “ER”, and I got a kick out of that. No other news. Yet.

Linky-links: I’m doing some blog-cleaning on my link sidebar. I’ve removed several for various reasons. Some I just don’t read anymore (Tattoodles – sorry, and Adam & Sarah I love you guys, but the minute you demand my credit card number to read your very funny message boards is the minute you lose me). Some don’t exist anymore (like Catoptric & Chez Miscarriage). And some of you (Scott and Carl, I’m looking at you) just never write anything in your damn blogs and I’m tired of always clicking over there with false hope. So, it’s tidying time! Whee!