no go

I didn’t get the job. I don’t have a real reason why, since they don’t disclose that information, just “the hiring manager has decided not to proceed at this time”. Surprisingly, I’m sort of ok. I’m not nearly as devastated as I thought I would be. I was making jokes with Dave last night that maybe this is a sign that the universe wants me to just stay home and have babies. I think I could handle a barefoot-and-pregnant lifestyle. Well, maybe not barefoot, as I do love me some shoes.

But honestly, somewhere during the interview process I realized that while this is a company that ideally I would love to work for, it’s not necessarily the job that I want. It involved a lot of gray areas that seemed sort of nebulous, and I do much better in a more structured environment (i.e., if you don’t give me a deadline for something, there’s a slim chance that it might get done somewhere between now and the end of time). Also, it would have put me in the very awkward situation of having to occasionally sit in on meetings with Dave’s ex-wife. Not that I really have a problem with that – I’ve never met the woman, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m the winner in the situation because she left, and now I get to keep him. So on some level, I’m sort of grateful to her, but there’s still an underlying “you hurt someone I love, therefore I must rip your spine out via your eye sockets” kind of thing there. So it’s probably for the best that I won’t be working with her.

Anyway, now it’s back to the drawing board. Also known as Monster.

7 thoughts on “no go

  1. mmmmmmmmmm — sorry you didn't get it. that sucks. but you had several leads with the same company, right? through other people? are those still possibilities?

  2. There are other possibilities with that company, yes. In fact, I just found out that I have a phone interview about one tomorrow. But those are all contract jobs, not full-time, so I wouldn't get the kick-ass benefits package. Which is fine for now, and besides, doing the contract jobs can be a good way to get my foot in the door for a full-time spot later on.

  3. Sorry. The karma-dons said this wasn’t the right job for you. The right one is just waiting for you to find it. Keep us posted.

  4. Aw, am very sorry you didn't get the job — but it sounds like you have a great attitude on the rest of the prospects, and the phone interview sounds very promising. It's a small comfort, but the idea that they truly liked you enough to pass on your name for other stuff means you must have done well at the interview, no matter the end result.

  5. And at least they aren’t keeping you dangling. Gwen and I have both had heart-wrenching job hunting experiences where you just don’t hear from anyone for weeks and weeks and you have to strategize the number of times tyou call blah blah blah angsty-cakes.

  6. That's a bummer, but it just must have not been the right opportunity for you. (As my mom likes to say, "Everything happens for a reason.") Hnag in there — you're fabulous, and the right job will come along soon.

  7. As someone who recently had to FORCE A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER TO TELL ME I DIDN’T GET THE JOB, at least the period of waiting was brief. Something will turn up!

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