No news yet on the job situation, except that my nails are a mess from biting them due to worrying. So instead of listening to me whine, here’s the recap of Dave’s birthday weekend. First, on Friday night, I managed to throw together a semi-surprise party. Nothing huge, just a few friends over at our house for dinner and cake. Hoo lordy, the cake. Back when we did the cake-tasting for our wedding, there was this one cake that Dave absolutely loved. It was a chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish cream filling. And it was awesome, but I didn’t want a chocolate wedding cake because I had this weird fear that people (meaning: me) would get it stuck in their teeth and then be smiling for photos, and that would be bad. So I told Dave at the time that I would get him one for his birthday. I know he forgot about it, but I didn’t, so I ordered the Bailey’s cake from our wedding cake lady, and I picked it up on Friday afternoon. Here’s the thing: this is the biggest cake I have ever seen in my life. I ordered the one that said it was about 20 servings – thinking, ok, party guests can each have 2 slices, then we’ll have a couple left over for the weekend. Y’all? There is over half a cake still in my fridge – that’s after I hacked off a huge chunk for Dave to take to work with him this morning to distribute among his co-workers – and just the half takes up almost an entire shelf in the fridge. I’m not kidding. I also attempted to make a trifle, which is a dessert that Dave’s mum makes that he loves – I had emailed her to get the recipe so I could make it exactly right. That turned out semi-successful. I should’ve used pound cake as the base instead of angel food cake, because the latter turns into a cakey liquid goo substance when soaked with sherry. As for the sherry, I think I used way too much. Seriously, you can get a really nice buzz from one serving of the stuff. But the rest of the trifle (since the sherry-soaked cake is only the bottom layer of about 5 or 6 layers), it’s pretty good. Oh well, lesson learned for next time – I’ll get it right for Christmas.

Anyway, the party was only a semi-surprise because Dave knew that there was a birthday-related activity going on, but he didn’t know exactly what it was. I made him stay in our bedroom for something like 4 hours while I set everything up downstairs. (I brought him tea and he had DVD’s to watch up there, so it’s not like he suffered.) I just couldn’t figure out any other way to pull it off – if I made him stay away from the house for hours, he would’ve seen people’s cars in the driveway when he got home. But I found out afterward that he sort of knew what was up, because apparently our housekeeper (who speaks poor English) didn’t understand when I asked her to please come early in the day on Friday because I was throwing a surprise party for Dave’s birthday that night. So she got there on Friday morning and said to Dave, “Your wife said I should come early because you’re having a party here tonight.” Goddammit. Oh well, I tried.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty nice and laid-back. I can’t think of anything notable, except that I never got out of my pajamas all day on Saturday. Seriously, I took a shower and put them back on. I think that might be a sign of pending insanity. And now, it’s back to my regularly scheduled nail-biting and waiting for the phone to ring. And compulsively checking my email every 10 to 15 minutes. Fun!

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  1. Well thanks, but seriously, I probably wouldn't have showered if I lived alone and didn't have some degree of shame. I mean, poor Dave has to sleep less than a foot away from me, the least I can do is try to stick to my daily hygiene ritual.

  2. Hey… Just leaving a comment to say that you’re doing great, you really are. And don’t worry; putting the pjs back on after shower is fine. I’ve been on the brink of insanity before. You don’t need to worry until you lose the will to shower all together for days at a time. You’re totally okay. Better than okay.

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