It's not a tu-mah

I still have a monster headache, but things may be showing slight signs of improving. For one, I found wedding shoes! And they’re pretty, too! I ordered about 5 pairs from Zappos, and I was thrilled to discover that one pair actually fits, feels comfy, and matches the dress. Hooray! And I’m excited that Zappos has free shipping and returns, so the other 4 pairs of cute-but-rejected shoes are already safely on their way back to the Zappos warehouse, free of charge. Very nice. I also found jewelry to go with the dress, but unfortunately I can’t find a link for that. Oh well, you’ll see it when I post the wedding photos.

On Tuesday, Dave and I were supposed to go meet with our wedding photographer, and Dave had said that he didn’t want to go because he wasn’t feeling well. I went into shrieking harpy bride mode, i.e., “You have to come with me, I can’t be expected to make all of these decisions by myself!!” So he got in the car. We got about 2 miles from the house when I had to pull over to let him throw up. Oops. Apparently he really wasn’t feeling well. So we turned around and went home (with me feeling horrible for dragging him out of the house when he was sick), and we’re going to reschedule with the photographer next week. No biggie. I’m still not sure what was wrong with him, but he appears to be ok now.

In other news, there is now the tiniest, faintest sign of a dim little light at the end of this loan tunnel, but both Dave and I have become far too jaded and disillusioned with the whole process to really get our hopes up at this point. But hey, keep your fingers crossed for us out there.

Not much else is going on in our little world. We’re both still worrying a lot, but at least things are starting to look somewhat manageable. Only 3-1/2 weeks until the Big Day!

3 thoughts on “It's not a tu-mah

  1. Wow–I didn't realize it was that soon! Also: I think it is hilarious that you ordered 5 pairs of shoes. It goes quite nicely with the whole obsessively cleaning thing.

  2. Well, I'm indecisive and my feet are often not a consistent size, so the 5 pairs of shoes made sense at the time. I also bought at least 6 different jewelry sets (necklace, earrings, bracelet) to figure out which one went best with the dress. I found one that I love, and I'll be returning the rest of them. Yeah, it's kinda nuts, I know. And it's true, May 15th is just around the corner…

  3. Cindy note my new address. Have been cut off BTyahoo so have lost your address. Can you send me something. Dip Stick is the expression we use in UK for people like me!!!Keep hanging on there girl not long now, then all will be well

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