kinder, gentler blogging challenge

Last year a group of Scott’s friends pulled this thing called “The Great Blogging Challenge” where they wrote about a different topic each day for a week. They’re redoing it this year, only now it’s the “Gentle” Blogging Challenge because it’s one topic a week for a month, which is a bit more manageable. I’ve decided to join up with this effort, since I now read all of Scott’s friends’ blogs and have pretty much claimed them as my own friends, since Scott seems to have disappeared from the world of blogging altogether. (Where in the world are you, dude?) If any of you are interested in participating in this blogging challenge (maybe you need inspiration of something to write about?), go here [link 1] and read the rules.

I don’t really know what to write for this first challenge, because it’s supposed to be “8 new, cool links” that I’ve never featured before on my blog. This is Carl’s idea, and unlike him, I don’t use the BlogSpot “next blog” feature to find new & interesting blogs, and I don’t much care to. So I’m just going to tell the story of my weekend, and work in the links where I can.

Friday night, Dave and I rented “Fahrenheit 9/11” [link 2]. It was good, in that sort of awful “I don’t ever want to see this again” kind of way. I really don’t like Michael Moore as a person, and I think he sometimes has a tendency to stray too much into conspiracy theories, but it was definitely worth watching. If that makes sense.

Saturday, we finished the floor in the living room at Dave’s house. Hooray! We still need to put on baseboards [link 3], but that’s a project for another weekend. Then I made dinner – I made my mom’s chicken with sour cream and mushroom sauce, which is soooo yummy. It’s not quite the same thing, but this [link 4] is a very similar recipe. We also watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” [link 5], which I thought was great. Kate Winslet is just too damn beautiful for her own good, even with various insane punk rock hair colors. Speaking of which, if you happen to envy those blues and oranges that she has, you can go here [link 6] and get some for yourself.

Sunday was shopping day. Whee! Dave bought a bed [link 7 – and I now defy any of you Northwest natives to get that damn “why buy a mattress anywhere else?” jingle out of your heads], a beautiful Persian rug [link 8] from Pottery Barn that matches the gorgeous new furniture in the living room perfectly, and a cool trunk/chest [link 9 – boo-ya, extra credit!] from Crate & Barrel that will either serve as a coffee table or extra seating in the bay window, depending on how it looks in the room when it shows up.

Oh yeah, and I’m adding Gwen, Alissa and Angie to my sidebar list, because I read their blogs all the time, and you should too.