neurotic cat, once again

Teenie does this same thing every fall: she scratches the spot in front of her right ear until it bleeds. Then, when it starts to heal (and I’m sure we all know how much scabs can itch), she scratches at it some more. Which makes it bleed more. So it never heals. I’ve never figured out why she does this – despite our 8 years of cohabitation, we’ve never quite taken up each other’s native language, so the whole thing is somewhat of a mystery. I have a theory that it has something to do with allergies, change of seasons, something like that. Who knows.

Typically when this has happened in the past, my vet gave me a special cream to put on that spot to make it not itch (and that won’t be harmful if she ingests it, because after all, she is a cat, and she’s going to lick off whatever I put on her). So this year, I dug the cream out of the back of my medicine cabinet, only to find that it is no longer cream. It’s way past its expiration date, and it’s now more of a liquid form. Hmmm. Not good. I called a vet down the street and asked if I could get more, and they said I need to make an appointment. So fine, we’ll go to the vet on Wednesday. I asked the nurse if there was anything I could put on there in the meantime. She told me I could use Neosporin, but that I shouldn’t use that “Neosporin with pain relief” stuff because it has lidocaine in it, and it will numb her tongue. The mental image of that was kind of amusing to me.

And that pretty much sums up the excitement of my week. In other news that may or may not be interesting to anyone:
* The headache is now just off and on, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was last week. So I’m back down to just taking the occasional Tylenol, nothing more hardcore than that.
* I got a new project at work: more writing/documentation, which will allow me to work from home. This is expected to last until January 30th. Pajamas all day, every day! Whee! Actually, it really is a good thing because writing = lots of downtime, which means I’ll have time to update my certifications (which I’ve been procrastinating about for months) and I won’t have a problem taking time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hey Alphagal, Dave’s going to meet up with me in New Orleans after Christmas – are you & the hubby going to be around?
* My brother has been calling me every day to get work-related advice, because his boss is being accused of sexual harassment. Not by my brother, of course, but by other women in the office. (And no, he doesn’t work for Bill O’Reilly. Although I love that story, too.)
* Have I mentioned how much I love Jon Stewart and The Daily Show? This interview is short and sweet.
* Speaking of which, you know how O’Reilly said that all viewers of the Daily Show were stoned slackers? Turns out that people who watch the Daily Show are more likely to have college degrees than O’Reilly’s viewers. Take that!