nothing, really

I was going to write a nice little mid-week post, except…. hmmm, there’s not much going on. I just got a new project at work, so it looks like I may actually have to go into the office for the next few weeks. Which is kind of strange, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled by this whole working-from-home thing. Life is going to be a bit different now that I’m actually going to need some prep time in the mornings, and I can’t just roll out of bed at 8:00 a.m. and sit at my laptop in my PJ’s. Even though I have been working, it’s basically like I’ve been on a 2-month vacation. I think this week is going to involve a lot of Tylenol PM so I can get myself back in the habit of going to bed reasonably early. And the project looks like it’s going to be fun, and it’ll give me a chance to (hopefully) impress one of the big to-do’s in our internal IT department, which is good. I’ve decided that I really like the internal IT group because they get a lot of fun projects, but they also get to stay in Seattle and not travel. Plus all of them that I’ve met have been really nice people, so it’d be a fun group to work with.

There is one exception to this, though. There’s one guy who I worked with on a project back in May, and he always gave me the impression that he disliked me, although I have no idea why. And of course, I have to work with him again for this project (I’m meeting with him later this afternoon), so I’m a little nervous about that. I’ve seen him be nice to other people, so I know he’s not just a nasty person. I have no clue why he doesn’t like me in particular, I’ve always been polite and courteous with him. So my goal is to overwhelm him with my sheer niceness and likability and wear him down to the point where he feels that he has no choice but to be polite back to me. I’ve done it before (this approach has proven to be quite effective on bitter, middle-aged women, but I haven’t experimented on that many men), so hopefully I can pull it off again.

In other news, I don’t know how many of you read my cousin Cat’s blog, which is fabulous in its own right, but her dogs Modean and Goofch have also started their own blog. It’s hilarious. Go read it.

And speaking of animals, apparently UmaThurman loves Teenie. Teenie, it seems, doesn’t mind UmaThurman too much, either.