big birthday weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. I have to start this story by explaining that Dave is a birthday nazi who won’t open his presents until his actual birthday, which was on Sunday. I’m more of the “birthday weekend = close enough” mindset, so if my birthday falls on a Sunday, I want to open my presents on Friday night.

Anyway, on Friday I made Dave a birthday cake, and that was his one (perishable) gift that he got before Sunday. I’ve never tried to write anything on a cake before, so I took a picture of my first effort. The problem was that the icing came out faster than I was expecting, so the H in “happy” was way too big, and then I sort of had to abbreviate the rest of it to make it all fit. (Oh, and Dave said that my heart in the top right corner looked like intestines.) Ok, so it looks a bit like a drunk 6 year-old wrote it, and I obviously won’t be making a career change to become a master cake decorator anytime soon. But the cake tasted damn good, and as you can see, Dave was pretty pleased with it.

Saturday, we did the Humane Society walk, which was fun except that it was cold and it rained on us the whole time. But we got to see lots of doggies out running around having a great time, and that was cool. I’m waiting for Dave to email me the pictures from that so I can post them here, they’re pretty funny. Afterward (after I had showered and napped), we went to Best Buy so Dave could get an iPod. He was totally jealous of mine (iPod envy) so he had to go get one just like it. But I got mine first, nyah nyah. Sushi for dinner (mmm…) and then we started to watch a movie, but Dave wanted to play with his iPod and I wanted to sleep, so that was that.

Sunday, I was woken up at 8 a.m. by the birthday boy, who wanted to open his presents. He was bouncing around the room like a 4 year-old on Christmas morning. I think I did pretty well, he seemed to like everything. We went out for breakfast and then drove south to the Puyallup fair. Good lord, what an event that is. I had never been before, but I can safely say that it puts the state fair in Mississippi (the fair I grew up going to) to shame. And I learned that I’m allergic to some type of farm animal – most likely goats, since I pet a few of those – because my inner ears started itching before we even left the barns. Anyway, several hours, lots of junk food and a couple of rides later, we headed home. I crashed around 11 last night, which is unusually early for me (lately, anyway).

So overall, it was a very good weekend. This coming weekend is going to be all about floors, floors, floors! And more of that XBox game where you crash into cars! Whee!