Work! Whee!!

I worked yesterday for the first time in… oh, who knows when. And when I say work, I mean doing actual technical tasks that require me to use my brain, not sitting at my laptop in my pajamas writing about technical tasks that my company can do so our salespeople know how to pitch us to customers (which is what I’ve been doing for the past month). One of our clients has a really big project going on right now and one of the engineers was out on vacation this week, so the other engineer asked me to go over there yesterday afternoon and help out with some little things that have been accumulating with the other guy out of the office. I got to troubleshoot a SharePoint server issue and diagnose problems with the way BizTalk 2004 and SQL work with Microsoft’s Virtual Server. Does that make sense to anyone except me? Probably not. But it was SO… MUCH… FUN!!! I haven’t done real hardcore geeky stuff in way too long, I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy it.

Other stuff: this link is something I stole from gclark’s site. I thought it was funny. Good time-killer. [Note to any Republicans who may read this – although I can’t imagine who you are or why you read my blog: don’t bother clicking on the link above. You won’t like it.]

So today, I have a few things work-related (back to the writing stuff) that I need to wrap up, and then Teenie & I are headed off to spend the weekend at Dave’s. It’s a Home Renovation Festival! Can ya dig it? I’m bringing Teenie with me because I feel guilty leaving her alone overnight (nevermind 2 nights) and I think we’ll be more productive if there isn’t a lot of driving back & forth involved. Plus, Teenie likes Dave’s house because she gets to go outside there. Living room paint, here we come! Yee-haw!