Ok, so Blogger sucks. I emailed them about my nuked template, and this is what they sent back to me:

“Hello Cindy,

I’m afraid you’ve fallen victim to a bug in our system which occasionally loses template data. Your posts are still safe, but unfortunately we were not able to recover your template for you. To use one of our default templates, you can click the Choose New Template tab on the Template page. This will let you publish your blog again while you recreate your old template. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on getting this problem fixed. However, it is always a good idea to save your own copy of a template if you make extensive customizations.

Sincerely, Steve
Blogger Support Team”

Needless to say, from here on out I will make sure to ALWAYS have a recent copy of my blog template saved somewhere. Silly me, I thought they might actually be able to recover data that’s hosted on their own damn servers.

Also, BlogBack – which used to provide my comments – doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I can’t log in to their web site to get the script again. I keep getting some kind of “invalid query” error. So I set up HaloScan (thanks, Carl!), and hopefully that’ll solve that. But that means that all of my old comments are gone, which makes me sad. Oh well.

Also, it looks like I get to leave CA on Thursday night this week, instead of Friday afternoon. Which would make me very happy, except that the only reason we’re getting an extra day off is because we’re going to have to work the weekend of the 17th. Which makes me very sad. Again.

Oh, and my sister’s kitty just had to have her leg amputated because she had a malignant tumor on it and they were afraid that the cancer had spread. That’s another thing to add to the list of sadness.

So there you have it. It’s just been a total crap day all the way around.