conflict of interest, anyone?

Around this time tomorrow, I will be in Seattle. This makes me very happy. Originally my flight got bumped from Friday afternoon to Thursday night, but I wasn’t going to get home until almost midnight. Then it got bumped AGAIN, so now I’m leaving around lunchtime, and I’ll be home by 3:30 p.m. Hee!

This morning was strange. The project manager, who is kind of my boss for the next couple of months, asked if he could speak to me privately. This is one of my worst fears. My stomach clenched up and I was positive that I was about to be reprimanded or fired or something of that nature. Because after all, since I’ve been here, I haven’t done any work. Honestly, all I’ve done so far is create a SharePoint site (for all you non-techies: that’s an internal website where we geeks post all of our documentation in one central location so we can keep up with what each other is doing), and I’ve edited a bunch of documents. Apparently word has gotten out that I have a degree in journalism, so everyone is sending me their stuff to proofread. But that’s kind of fun for me, it’s not like real work.

So I go to the little cafeteria area with him, stomach totally knotted up in anxiety/terror, and he tells me that he just wants to let me know that he thinks I’m doing a fantastic job, and he’s going to make sure that both my career lead (the aforementioned Maurice/Mo), and the practice director who’s over all of the systems engineers in the region (!!) know that there is no way that I should be a level 1 systems engineer, I should be at least a level 2. Again, this is startling since I HAVEN’T DONE ANY WORK!!!

Then, he emails me a copy of his resume and wants to know if I’ll revise/format it for him. Supposedly this is a resume that he’ll submit to customers for potential future assignments. One problem with this logic is that our company has its own resume format that they want us to use, and we post them on the company intranet, and this resume definitely doesn’t follow that format. So I’m sort of wondering if all this praise is just his way of kissing my ass so I’ll help him land a new job. I suppose it doesn’t matter – if my higher-ups hear good things about me, or if (fingers crossed) I end up getting a promotion or a raise out of the deal, I’m certainly not going to complain. It’s just strange.

Meanwhile, I’m counting the hours until I board that plane tomorrow…