the career of a transient

So, I’m sort of homeless at work right now. I was temporarily using the office of a woman who was on maternity leave. But she came back yesterday, so now I have no place to sit. My lead is out this week, so I’ve taken over his office until another office can be found for me. I guess it’s just one of those things about being a consultant, I’m destined never to have a permanent place to call my own at work. Which I suppose is fine. But I don’t much care for my lead’s office, the lighting in here is weird and people keep stopping by to say things like “gee, [lead’s name], you’ve changed!” Ha ha, ho ho. The upside is that he has a window, but the view is just an obnoxiously busy street and an apartment complex across the way. Not much to see, really.

I’m taking another Microsoft certification exam tomorrow, which is one of my 4 remaining tests. I actually took it last week, but I didn’t say anything about it to hardly anyone because I was really nervous about it, and sure enough, I flunked. So I’m doing the re-take tomorrow, and I figured that I’d put the word out so people can send me some good smart vibes. Just think very hard, “You will remember everything you need to know about implementing and maintaining a Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure….”

Oh, and Kris did indeed get some lovin’ from my ex. But she’d kill me if she knew I wrote about it on my blog – not that she ever reads it (neither does the ex, for that matter). But hey, I’m happy for both of them. So I’ll leave it at that.