pimp my friends

So, my weekend with Dave was lovely. We went to the Seattle Art Museum yesterday because the weather was kind of icky, so we figured it’d be good to stick to indoor activities. I’d never been to the museum before and I had no idea just how extensive their collection is. Right now there’s some rich family’s private art collection on display, and they have a whole roomful of Van Gogh’s. Color me impressed.

After the museum we walked through Pike Place Market (always nice, I love the little old Asian ladies selling those enormous bouquets of flowers) and wandered back to my place. We chilled for a while, then went to Blockbuster, rented a couple of movies, and ordered in for dinner. And of course, at some point I opened my big mouth and mentioned something about my blog (damn spiced rum & diet coke! It’s like truth serum, I tell ya), which seemed to really peak his interest. I wouldn’t give him the address because all I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks is talking about how big a crush I have on him, and that’s kind of embarassing. But he’s a reasonably intelligent guy, so I’m just waiting for him to Google me & find this site. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Everyone say “hi, Dave!”

Oh, and today I just found out that Kris (this would be my best friend Kris, not insane Krissy or guy friend Chris G., or my little brother Chris) is in Chattanooga for some work training seminar thing, but she was bored because she has nothing to do until tomorrow morning. So I called my ex-boyfriend, Stowe, who lives there and told him to take her out for a drink. She called me from the ladies room a few minutes ago to tell me that she was having a great time. She sounded a little bit drunk. I’m sort of wondering if they’re going to hook up. I know it’s probably weird, but I honestly have no jealousy issues with that at all. I’m totally over him – we dated 5 years ago, for god’s sake – and I know he’s a good guy, so if they want to have a good time while she’s in town, that’s fine by me. Good for them.

Hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as I did.