happy ending

So what, you may ask, is the perfect way to finish up your last day at a job? Well, getting to leave 2 hours early is nice. And having all of your co-workers wish you well and be totally cool about your leaving is also cool. But I have to say, the most awesome thing is having one of your now-former co-workers catch up with you in the parking lot & ask you out now that you don’t work together anymore. It’s funny, I had been told that this guy was interested in me ages ago, but I didn’t really buy it. So I guess it’s true. It’s just odd because we’ve never had a real conversation, and I don’t know if we have that much in common. We’ve mostly just exchanged “hi”s” and other niceties, but he did compliment me when I got my hair cut a couple of months ago, and again when I got my glasses. So what the hell, he’s cute and seems like a really nice guy, why not give it a shot?

The rest of the weekend has been pretty low-key. I had dinner with Nate on Friday night — I don’t think I’ve ever spent $8 on a margarita before, but man it was yummy. (Mmmm…. mango.) And last night I had a date with a new guy, who seemed very nice but very nervous. Which I don’t get because I don’t think I’m intimidating at all, but who knows, maybe he’s like that around all women at first. I had a good time, but I don’t know if there’s anything really there. I guess it all depends on whether or not he wants to go on a second date with me — right now I seem to be in a phase of going on lots of first dates & then never hearing from these dudes again. And that’s fine, I haven’t felt enough of a spark with anyone to really feel rejected when they don’t call again.

But enough about the dating thing, now I’m just getting myself all relaxed & mentally psyched to start the new job tomorrow. I’m excited.

Oh, and happy birthday to Miss Naina Sexpot, one day late.