Friend plug: Adam’s website Tattoodles was featured in Prick Magazine recently. (Which is about tattooing, not the other kind of prick.) There’s a really good picture of him at the beginning of the article too. Yay publicity!

Not much going on right now. Sort of in the whole “getting prepared to leave one job & start another” phase. Lots of stuff needs to be wrapped up at the present (soon to be former) job, and lots of paperwork needs to be filled out for the future job. Last night I had to go take a pre-employment drug screen. Whee.

I have a date with a new guy tomorrow night. I’m kind of dreading it, our two phone conversations haven’t had a very good flow and I just don’t think we have all that much in common. I’m only going because I couldn’t think of a reasonable enough sounding excuse to NOT go. I’m trying to keep an open mind & all that, but it’s hard. I seem to be going out with lots of guys who are totally not my type — I think my screening process needs a bit more work. I’m just not feeling much of a *click* with anyone these days. Which is probably fine, I’m about to embark on a major transition in my life, and maybe one at a time is enough. We’ll see.