candy hearts & booze

Last night was a lot of fun. We got a bit of a late start because Krissy & I both had some wardrobe/hair issues, and by the time we got to Seattle, Scott was saying that he was going to wimp out because he was tired. Luckily he had also invited his friend Brian, who made fun of him & called him an old man until he (shamefacedly) agreed to come out with us. He didn’t stay long because he wasn’t feeling well, but I was really glad he showed up. So Scott put himself in a cab & went home, but Brian stuck with us the whole night, and that was awesome because he’s a really funny guy after you get a couple of drinks in him. He’s probably funny without the alcohol too, I just haven’t spent that much time around him in non-alcohol-related settings. In any case, Krissy ditched me like she usually does when we go out — I found her dry humping a bald gay man in the pool table room upstairs, then she was kissing an allegedly straight man (I have my doubts) near the bar downstairs, then she was dancing on the stage. This type of thing usually annoys the hell out of me, but since I had someone else there to chat with (and to make fun of Krissy with), it wasn’t so bad.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, it was a red-and-white themed evening — even the go-go boys that were dancing in the cages on the 2nd floor were wearing either red or white hot pants with matching mesh tank tops. Very cute. They gave out boxes of those little candy hearts with the messages on them when you paid your cover, and there were tons of boxes of them lying around everywhere. That became a major source of entertainment later in the evening when we got the munchies — Brian & I ate TONS of candy hearts, making fun of the messages on them before we chowed them down.

So finally we left Neighbours, dropped Brian off at his place, then Krissy & I stopped to grab food at the Five Point Cafe before we headed back to the eastside. A very hot guy asked Krissy & I to join him & his friends, and we did, because they were cute & there was nowhere else to sit, but they turned out to be really stupid & obnoxious. They’re minor league baseball players from Portland, and I guess that makes them special. Woo-hoo, whatever. They kept trying to get us to go back to their hotel to “party” with them after we ate. I was suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion and realized that I had no idea what time it was. I looked at my watch. It was 4:30 a.m. Yep, time for us old folks to pack it in & call it a night. We politely declined the party invitation (not that I would’ve gone with these guys even if I had more energy, they struck me as more than slightly creepy), and we headed home. Krissy slept on my futon and just left a little while ago. Now I’m trying to get up the energy to get dressed & go about my day.

Overall, though, this was one of the most fun Valentine’s Days I’ve had yet. Definitely in the top five.