single woman having a moment about her cat…

Two new things I learned about Teenie today. One is that she appears to be developing arthritis. She’s only 7, but I thought I noticed her slightly limping a few weeks ago. It was kind of sporadic, but I asked the vet to check her out when we went in for her shots a few weeks ago. The vet said that her joints appear to be ok, but that I can give her 1/2 a baby aspirin when she’s limping. Well, today she was REALLY limping. Like way more than I’ve ever seen. I tried to give her the baby aspirin, but of course she howls like I’m killing her & kicks like hell, and I figured that if she’s ok to fight me that much, she can’t be in that much pain. So I gave up. Still, it has me worried.

The other thing is that I found a new food that she apparently likes. She hardly ever comes over to check out what I’m eating, so on the rare occasions that she does, I’ll usually break off a tiny bit & give it to her. And half the time, she’ll sniff it & walk away. So far, the things she’s actually eaten include:
* tuna (obviously — don’t all cats like it?)
* string cheese
* salami/bologna/hot dogs/any of the really horrible processed bad-for-you meats
* Pringles potato chips (usually she’d just lick the salt off of them & leave the chip itself alone)

And tonight we learned a new one: cookie dough. Very strange, but it seems appropriate that she’d have a sweet tooth. Like owner, like cat, I guess. Ha.