revenge of the mid-90's

Last night Nate & I chilled out and channel-surfed for a while. We watched 2 movies that I hadn’t seen in years. First was “The Crow”, which I absolutely loved when it first came out. In fact, it was the first movie I went to see in the theatre by myself because no one I knew was interested in seeing it. (Did the same thing with “Trainspotting” a couple of years later.) The strange thing is, when I saw it again last night, it occurred to me that it’s really not that great a movie. The concept is pretty cool, and I suppose that if you’re into that whole comic-books-on-film genre, it’s probably one of the best ones out there. And of course there’s the added real-life tragedy of the whole Brandon Lee thing. But other than that, the dialog was pretty lame and some of the characters were pretty ridiculous. It does have one of my favorite soundtracks, though.

The other movie we watched was “From Dusk Til Dawn”. I think I only saw that once, and it was years ago, so I didn’t remember most of it. (Except, of course, Cheech Marin’s famous little speech outside of the bar about the variety of female anatomy, which most guys I knew in college could recite by heart.) Anyway, it’s kind of a lame movie, if for no other reason than Tarantino should never cast himself in his own films. He’s a horrible actor and someone just needs to make him stop. In fact, the best thing about “Kill Bill” was that Tarantino wasn’t in it. But, “From Dusk Til Dawn” does have one major redeeming quality… George. Ah George. Sweet sweet George with his painted on tattoos. Yum. He could do damn near anything for 2 hours & I’d watch it happily.