This Week

Things that happened this week that I totally forgot to blog about because, hot damn, y’all, I am TIRED.

1. My brother and sister came over from Charlotte last weekend to hang out. That was fun, even though I completely forgot to take any pictures whatsoever.

2. Everyone (my brother, my sister, and my mom) went back to their respective homes on Sunday. We were very sad about that. Or at least, Catie and I were sad; Lucy honestly didn’t seem to notice much.

3. I survived 48 hours on solo parent duty with a four year-old and a newborn.

Um, Catie, that doesn't look very comfy for your sister.

That probably seems like nothing to some people, but for me, it felt like a pretty major accomplishment.

4. Dave got back from England on Tuesday evening. Thank God.

5. Also on Tuesday: I started back to work. And Lucy turned 6 weeks old.

Who, me? I'm not sleepy at all!
Whaaa? Where does the time go?

6. I moved Lucy to her crib, because she’s such a light sleeper that she wakes up if I so much as roll over or clear my throat. I thought maybe we might all get some more sleep that way. She’s spent the last 2 nights in her crib, and it’s been semi-successful. She’s gone from sleeping 2.5 hours at a time to sleeping 3 hours at a time, so… yay? I guess? I’ll celebrate once she’s consistently sleeping 4+ hours at a time. (Soon. Please, God, let it be soon.)

7. I’m finally starting to feel the post-partum crazies set in. I know that it’s just the accumulation of several weeks’ worth of exhaustion, and it’s all stuff that will pass as soon as I get some rest. But this has not been my best week, to put it mildly.

8. We have no plans this weekend, and I am so looking forward to that. I might not get out of my pajamas until Monday.

settling in

We’re almost two weeks into this whole “life with two kids” gig, and so far it’s pretty great. Lucy is a really good baby, she usually only cries when she’s hungry or when we change her diaper. Which, to be fair, is pretty often. But still.

Lucy late at night

I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m medicated, or if it’s because this is my second baby, but things just feel so much easier this time around. Yes, I’m exhausted, and every time Lucy wakes up in the middle of the night (which is approximately every two to three hours), I have that feeling of “oh god, somebody find the baby’s snooze button, I can’t handle this right now.” But it’s fleeting. I get up, I feed her, change her, get her back to sleep. And we cope. It’s hard, sure, but it doesn’t feel unbearable like it did with Catie.

My mom has been here for the past week, and it’s been so great to have her here. She helps out with the baby, she cooks dinner, and she even convinced Catie to try holding Lucy, something I hadn’t been able to do.

Catie & Lucy

Seriously, that picture just about makes my heart explode.

We will all be very bummed when Mimi flies home on Wednesday. But the good news is that she’ll be back in just a couple of weeks when Dave goes to the UK.

Lucy & Mimi take a nap together

My mom is already sad about leaving too. (And incidentally, anyone looking to buy a house in Ridgeland, Mississippi? Because I really need my parents to sell their place so they can move here!)

Anyway, we’re hanging in there. Better than that, really. We’re doing pretty great.

oh hi!

Oh, and Lucy says “hi!”