Not-so-Wordless Wednesday: Three

Hey Catie, how old are you today?

hey Catie, how old are you gonna be on your birthday?

Smart girl.

We had Catie’s birthday party this past weekend since my brother and sister were able to come visit then. It was a lot of fun.

Catie & her birthday cake

Catie & Mimi in Winnie the Pooh birthday hats

loving her little zoo buddies

It was a great birthday party, and Catie was pretty distraught the next day when Tracy and Chris had to leave. She can never get enough time with the people she adores.

Catie & Tracy

Catie & her uncle Chris

But she’s recovering now, since we were able to pick up her birthday gift from Grandma, Grandpa Roger, Uncle Steve: a brand new toy kitchen!

loving her new toy kitchen

I’ll write more later. Right now my mom and I are going to make some birthday cupcakes to celebrate my girl’s actual big day.

a hacky photo entry that requires no real forethought or editing

Catie & I doing downward-facing dog
A little toddler yoga. (Catie’s request, it’s her new favorite thing.)

At the top of the stairs.

Catie playing with "Britty's Bear"
Playing with “Britty’s bear.”

Catie loves her PB&J sandwiches
It’s peanut-butter-jelly time!

playing dress-up in Mommy's new shirt
Want a sneak preview of one of the shirts I bought for BlogHer? Here you go. Catie thought it’d be fun to play dress-up in it.

I love the contrasting hair colors
Contrasting hair colors.

Catie says "CHEESE!!"
Catie says, “CHEESE!!!”

More about the weekend later; I gotta get to work.