me, you, and the dance floor

Ok, everyone and their grandma has now seen this wedding video, right?

(If you haven’t, you need to watch it now. Really.)

I saw people posting it all over Facebook, and I ignored it because, eh, wedding stuff. I don’t care. I finally watched it, and OMG it’s hilarious and awesome. Catie happened to be on my lap, and she sat there mesmerized for the full five minutes. She immediately demanded, “AGAIN!!” as soon as it was over.

Her favorite parts are the guy who does the handstand (around the 1:15 point), and when the groom comes out (around 3:00). But none of that can top the excitement of when everything goes into slow-motion and she knows the bride is coming out any second. “Where is she? Where da lady? Where da white dress?”

Then when the bride comes out (at the 4:08 point), she squeals with glee and screams, “Dere she is! She got flowahs! She gon’ get mawwied!!” I tried to explain the whole wedding thing to her, and, well, it’s kind of over a 2 year-old’s head. Still, she loves it, and keeps demanding to watch it over & over. Of the 18 million or so views that it has on YouTube, I think we’re responsible for at least a hundred of them. And honestly? I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

* This lazy blog post brought to you by the fact that it’s Saturday.